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2024 Oklahoma Payroll Professional of the Year

Nominate a deserving Oklahoma Payroll Professional by completing this form, or you may submit an essay about the nominee with the requested information included. You may submit additional pages as needed.

Nomination forms MUST be received by August 1, 2024.

The nominations will be submitted (without the nominee’s name) to the selection committee. Points are assigned to each question and the selection committee will use a score sheet to get a total value for each nomination. The winner will be announced at the 2024 Oklahoma Payroll Conference where they will join the ranks of the Oklahoma Payroll Professional Hall of Fame.

Members of the selection committee, committee chair, and previous honorees within the last 5 years are not eligible.

Payroll Professional Hall of Fame

2001 Larry White, CPP

2002 Joyce Blissard, CPP

2003 LaTisha O'neal, CPP

2004 Barbara Jordan, CPP

2005 Mary Jane Akin, CPP

2006 Cris Converse, CPP

2007 Brenda Lawrence

2008 Sue Hampton, CPP

2009 Lorie Douglas, CPP

2010 Sandra Beese

2011 Merrill Vogel, CPP

2012 Quita Tucker, CPP

2013 Clarice Hoover, CPP

2014 Jan Pratt, CPP

2015 Olivia Howe

2016 Lou Crespin

2017 Kim Hodge, CPP

2018 LaQuetta Bush

2019 Julie Steele, CPP

2021 Lee Ann Gregory

2022 Karen Carlile, CPP

2023 Pat Dodd

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Carlile at or

If electing to submit an essay, make sure to include the answers to the above questions in your essay!

The following must be included for nomination to be eligible:

Thank you for responding to our search for the 2024 Oklahoma Payroll Professional of the Year!

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